Bumper Repair in West Memphis

Failed to check your blind spot? Reversed your vehicle and scratched your bumper? These things happen from time to time, but your bumper is a crucial part of your safety, and its repair shouldn’t be neglected. 

The team of bumper care specialists at Cliff Carter's Body Shop & Wrecker Service work right here in West Memphis and have the skills, tools, and knowledge to get your bumper back in tip-top shape fast!

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Cliff Carter's Body Shop & Wrecker Service: Professional Auto Bumper Repair

At Cliff Carter's Body Shop & Wrecker Service, we have been repairing the bumpers of vehicles of all kinds for years. Whether your car is a brand new model, or if it’s a few decades old, our trained and experienced team will repair your bumper scuff, scratch, or dent seamlessly.

We have an extensive inventory of bumper replacement parts, allowing us to source and restore your bumper in no time. In most cases, bumper repairs of all kinds can be completed on the same day as you bring it to the shop.

To find out more about the bumper repairs we offer, give us a call today!

Car Bumper Repair Assessment

From scuffs and scratches to cracks and dents, there are a number of ways that your bumper can experience damage. In order to get an understanding of the service your vehicle needs, we always begin by conducting a full assessment of your vehicle. This will allow us to get an idea of the cause and severity of the damage so we can go about fixing it accurately.

Once we survey the damage, we will come up with a detailed estimate for the cost of the repair and just how long it will take to complete depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Seemless Auto Bumper Repair

Most modern vehicles sport a plastic bumper that is typically quite easy to repair. In many cases, dents will pop right out without too much trouble. In some cases, dents need a bit more attention. A more serious dent will require the bumper to be sanded down, sculpted back into place, and painted to perfectly match your vehicle. To determine the repair suited to your bumper, simply schedule an appointment.

Bumper Scratches and Cracks

At Cliff Carter's Body Shop & Wrecker Service, we have the tools and know-how to repair cracks and scratches big and small. We begin by cleaning the bumper of debris and sanding down the paint and applying heat to fuse the crack in the plastic back together. Next, we will add filler to the crack and smooth the surface down using a blending technique. Once the filler has dried, we will prime and paint the bumper before adding a clear coat that will polish the area and fortify it against future damage.

The Best Plastic Bumper Repair in West Memphis

If you have noticed damage on the front end or rear of your vehicle, Cliff Carter's Body Shop & Wrecker Service is here to help. With years of experience repairing bumpers of all kinds, we have the expertise needed to help you drive away with confidence.

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